Vormator - The Elements of Design

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The Vormator contest started over two years ago. It challenges artists to create a visual by using a very limited palette of shapes and possibilities. Artists are provided with eight vector shapes, called the Elements, which they are allowed to use within a given set of rules. The goal of the project is to show the importance of limitations on creativity. The results of the contest prove that even with a large number of limitations, a surprising variation of outstanding graphics is possible.

Since the start of the Vormator project, the challenge has been successful on the internet and is widely discussed on design portals, blogs and design forums. Also, a number of design professors are using the concept as a teaching method. In total, over five hundred submissions from all over the world were submitted to the contest.

And now, the best results are available for the first time in print! Eighty designers were selected from all participants to showcase their submission. The variety of artwork showcased in the book is intriguing. The artists comment in an inspirational way on their artwork, explain how they got to their individual solution. All works are illustrated with progress images of the artwork itself.

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Vormator includes work from the amazing 310k, Adam Turecek, Alexander Devol (Hicalorie), Andy King, Aras Atasaygin, Bárbara Emanuel, Steven Bonner, Carlos Serrano, Caspian Ievers, Christian O'Farrell, Christina Conway, Christopher Soprano, Damian O'Donohue, Daniel M. Davis , Daniele de Batté, David Polonia, David Snider, DGPH, Digart, Edward van der Veen, El Limbo Von Punsch, Eric Torres, Erik Varusio, Fredrick Aven, George Tsolpakis, Glasfurd & Walker, Gorky, Grootfontein, Hilary Leung, Hui Chin Heng, Ilk, Ins, Jeffrey Pidgeon, Jim Nelson, Joey Carrapichano, Juan Doe, Justin J. Austin, Justin Kok, Keisuke Omi, Kyle Phillips, Lala Ladcani, Lindedesign (Christian Lindemann), Maki, Maloo, Mara Ang Chong Lai, Marina Chaccur, Mauro Caramella, Meni Tzima, Mike Pelletier, Milk And Cookies, Mishfit, Mostardesign, Muhammad A Novirwan, MWM Graphics, Mykola Dosenko, Nagash, Nathan Cooper, Orsetta, Patrick Kalyanapu, Philippe Sokolov, Qian Qian, Roberto Christen, Sa'd Khorsid, San, Sarit Evrani, Scott Carroll, Stefano Cremisini + Ilaria Conforti, Stuka, Sven Hendrickx, Thomas Moon, Tim Meijer, Timo Böse, Valero Doval, Via Grafik / MNWRKS, Victor Jacobo, Visual Data, Von Glitschka and the mighty What What. Wow, seriously.


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Vormator, the elements of design, is published by BIS Publishers. The book is 192 luxurious pages, hardcover and measures 30 x 22 cm.
ISBN 978-90-6369-197-4, available from October 2008.

Download the original Vormator Elements and briefing.

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